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From NASCAR to the short tracks in your backyard,
Kluhsman Racing Components is your racing source

LOCKWOOD, MO -- Kluhsman Racing Components have become well-known across the nation for manufacturing racing products whether its NASCAR or IMCA, dirt or asphalt.

At KRC Racing, research and development is their most valuable service. Wherever they go people ask, "What's new this year?" KRC actually designs and manufactures innovative products. They listen to race drivers, their cre, and race teams to develop the product and then test them constantly to give them the best product available. "Our customer relations staff work one-on-one with the people who use our products, so that we're constantly staying at the top of our game," owner Mel Kluhsman mentioned.

Mel Kluhsman started his business in 1984 when he started building modified parts for area chassis builders. "I had quit a great job back in 1983 and struck out on my own. I took an 80 percent pay cut and worked 18-hour days. Life was good!" owner Mel Kluhsman remarked. "My daughter started answering the phone at the age of five or six and learned PC paint on some of the first components we manufactured. My wife ran the turret lathe 40 hours a week when life was simpler," Kluhsman added.

KRC's patented fuel filters recently became approved by the FFA for all long-range fuel application in the Raytheon (Beech Craft) King Air aircraft. This filter cleans and reduces water in the fuel. KRC is the only filter (patent #5536402) developed specifically for racing and commercially owned aircraft. KRC filters can only be purchased from KRC or their distributors. Don't buy a KRC knock-off, you will NOT be getting what you paid for.

KRC Racing has the latest CNC Robotic Machining Centers and High Production Multi-Spindle Screw Machines and the best machine set-up technicians in the business. Their gageing/inspection process and ISO 9001 w/design is second to none and contributes to Total Quality Package System at KRC.

SCOTT BLOOMQUIST is just one of many drivers that has helped Kluhsman Racing Components in research and development. The experience and knowledge of the employees at Kluhsman Racing Components in Lockwood, MO has added to their success of the years.




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